Your N2Net engineer will provide you with SIP trunk credentials as well as the registrar server and domain information.

Trunk Configuration

Once logged into MaxAdministrator navigate to PBX -> Trunk Configuration.

Select a SIP type trunk and click Trunk Properties then SIP Group Configuration.

Click Add under the Groups box and select a name. For this example we will user N2NetUniVoice. Click OK to save the new group configuration.

Select your newly created group and then click Add under the SIP servers box.

The name of the new SIP server will be the domain information provided by your N2Net engineer. It will look something like this. Enter that and click OK.

With your Group and SIP server selected you can fill in the following information on the Register Tab.

SIP Server IP Address:(Provided by your N2Net Engineer)
User Name: (Provided by your N2Net Engineer)
Password: (Provided by your N2Net Engineer)
Register Period: 60
SIP Source Port (Non-TLS): 5060
SIP Destination Port: 5060

Moving on to the Settings Tab.

In the SIP Calling Number set the SIP Protocol Field to P-Asserted-Identity.

Further down select the Carrier can only accept assigned number as Calling Number radio button and fill in the Calling Numbers can be accepted by the Carrier box with you assigned TN’s. Click OK.

At this point you can Assign your new group to specific SIP trunks.

Last Updated: April 15th, 2016