vCard is a standardized file format for exchanging contact information.  vCards can be imported/exported from many types of address books.  Follow the steps below to import contacts contained a vCard (.vcf) file into Web Mail.

  1. Log into Web Mail at using your full e-mail address and e-mail password.
  2. Select Contacts from the bottom of the list at the left side of the Web Mail window.
  3. Select the More Actions Drop down menu near the top of the window and select Import.
  4. The Contacts Import window should automatically open to the vCard Import page.
  5. Select the Browse button and select the vCard file you wish to import.
  6. The Add to group option can be left blank or you may select a group for the contacts you are importing.
  7. Select the Verify Import button.  Web Mail will verify if the contacts are valid and can be imported successfully.
  8. Select Apply Import to add the contacts to your Web Mail contacts list.

Last Updated: March 5th, 2014