Step 1. 
Download the MicroSIP Application HERE
The Download should start right away.

Step 2.
Run though the installer. You can launch it right from the browser or from your downloads folder. 

  • Click on Next
  • Click I Agree
  • Select all 4 of the check boxes
  • Click Next
  • Click Next
  • Click install
  • Once the installation is finished select the box that says ‘Run MicroSIP’ and click ‘Finish” 

Step 3.
Contact N2Net support to configure a phone for use with your MicroSIP application

Step 4.
Configure the MicroSIP application

  • In the MicroSIP interface click on the dropdown arrow on the upper righthand corner and click on ‘Add Account’ 
    • Account Name – This is what ever you want it to be, it is used for self reference
    • SIP Server – This is your account number
    • SIP Proxy – Enter this into that field
    • User – this is your extension with a ‘s’ appended to the end of it (EX: ‘105s’)
    • Domain – this is your account number again
    • Login – can be left blank
    • Password – You will have receved a password from N2Net support in step 3 with this password.
    • Display name – Your first and last name
    • Voicemail Number – 5001

Click ‘Save’ and you should be logged into your account. 

Last Updated: March 16th, 2020