With the phone plugged into your network first enable the web interface.

  1. On the phone or Base Unit press MENU then press # 5 3 4
  2. Use the arrows to select “On” and the press the SAVE button.
  3. Press EXIT or OFF to return to the main screen.

Next find the IP address

  1. Press MENU then press # 5 0 1
  2. Take note of the IP address given on this screen.
  3.  Press EXIT or OFF to return to the main screen.

In a web browser on your computer perform the following.

  1. In the URL bar of your web browser type in the ip address you obtained.
  2. Login using “admin” as the username and “adminpass” as the password.
  3. Select the “Maintenance” heading from the top menu.
  4. Set Enable Provisioning to “Yes”
  5. Set Standard File URL to “http://p.n2net.net/cfg/{mac}.cfg”
  6. Hit the Save button.

The phone should now load the new settings and register. The light on the base station will go solid green when completed.

Last Updated: April 29th, 2016