1. First reset the phone to defaults.

  • Press Menu
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Choose “Advanced”
  • Enter Password: 456
  • Select “Admin Settings”
  • Select “Reset to Default”
  • Select “Reset Device Settings”
  • Press “Yes” soft key
  • Phone will now reboot, be ready for the next screen as it boots.

2. As phone reboots to the Welcome screen, press “Setup”

  • Select “DHCP Menu” using Arrow Keys
  • Press “SELECT” soft key
  • Set Boot Server to “Static”
  • Press “EXIT”
  • Select “Server Menu”
  • Set “Server Address” to <Request From Support> (Use * for .)
  • Set “Server User” to <Request From Support>
  • Set “Server Password” to <Request From Support>
  • Press “EXIT”
  • Press “EXIT” one more time
  • Make sure that “Save & Reboot” is highlighted
  • Press “SELECT”

3. The phone should reboot, download its provisioning information and then show its extension numberĀ as the first line of the phone.

Last Updated: April 15th, 2016